Steaks and Hair Tests

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A ban from participating in various activities is upon us. If you are an athlete is not possible to participate in any athletic activities. You are banned for a couple of years from the events.

Are false positive drug tests possible?

A drug test results may show positive even though you have never used the drug or you ceased its use a couple of months ago. Some substances once absorbed in your body system leads to interference with your metabolism. Additionally, they have THC chemicals that are present in marijuana. The drug test will test the level of THC in those substances as marijuana substance in your body. But how is this possible?

1) Common medications tend to make your urine test positive of marijuana use

If you are on certain medicines, the drug test will test positive. Before taking the test, you should disclose your medical history so that the lab person is aware of them. Not disclosing all the information will lead to false positive results. Many people have a question about how to pass a hair drug test, and passing hair follicle drug tests are one of the hardest to do. The best way on how to pass a drug test is avoiding various medications days before the drug test.

2) Taking poppy seeds

Your career is, and you need to eliminate intake of anything that can tamper with the results. Despite poppy seeds being healthy in your body, they release toxins to your body that a drug test will detect as a drug in your body. Days before the drug test avoid intake of the poppy seeds. Anything that is made of poppy seeds needs to be eliminated from your diet days before the trial.

3) Vitamin supplements

Some vitamin supplements contain traces of THC( a substance that is included in marijuana). Once you take a drug test with vitamin supplements in your system, the results will be positive. Vitamins have health benefits in your body, but some types of vitamin supplements interfere with your body system and lead to false conclusions.

4) Intake of antibiotics

If you are taking antibiotics chances of your marijuana drug test being positive are high. Ensure you disclose your medicines history before undergoing the test. Some antibiotics have levels of THC and intake before the analysis will lead to the detection of THC levels in the system. The test will record a positive drug result which is not accurate. Ensure you refrain from taking any antibiotics before the test.

5) Lab errors

Human error in the lab can use a false positive drug result. Exposing the specimen to chemicals and other bacteria will result in a false positive in your sample. Other labs have some equipment that is faulty and lead to incorrect results. Some lab technicians are not keen and will mix samples and deliver results that are not according to your example. It is impossible to detest the results as you have no evidence directly. The best option is to take another test in another lab.

If your employer hires the lab services and there is no alternative of accessing another service you hire a lawyer to represent you. An experienced lawyer will prove that test conducted had faults.

How to handle false positive marijuana results

Losing your job or not being offered your dream job due to a false positive effect is very devastating. You if you are 100% sure that you have not smoked or consumed marijuana for the 1-2 months then the results are not accurate, and you need to attest them. Inadequate lab equipment will also lead to false drug results. If your sample is contaminated with anything that has THC substance in it will lead to a false positive. What are your options?

1) Request for another drug test

The false positive occurs mainly to medication or other substances in your body that have THC. If the offer for another test is approved ensure to strictly eliminate any use of the medication and any substance with THC. During this period detox to cleanse your body of any drug traces in your body. If you adhere to these rules, your next marijuana test results will be clean from any traces of drugs.

2) Hire an attorney to represent you

Most employers will not hear your case out and will end your contract with immediate effect. If you are innocent and the drug test was not right to hire a reputable attorney to represent you. The attorney can prove that the drug test was conducted using faulty equipment that led to the false result. Additionally, they can show that you were on medication that contributed to erroneous conclusions.

Hiring an attorney is essential especially where you are innocent. You will be compensated on your lost wages, and the lab services will pay you for tarnishing your name. You will also be absorbed back to your job effectively having cleared your name.

Receiving false positive drug results is devastating, but you don’t need to rely on the results. Take another step to ensure the mistake is rectified. You can also hire another person to take the test and compare the results.

3) Conduct a private drug test

Measuring on your own will help you establish if you were given a false conclusion. Some people may be jealous of your success and will bribe the lab person to deliver incorrect results. You need to establish the cause of the false positive and know how to handle it effectively.

THC levels take 1-2 months to clear out from the body naturally. If you want to pass a drug test refraining from taking the drug for a few days will not be sufficient enough to pass the test. You need to abstain from the drug for a few weeks before the test. Additionally, take detox drinks that will help to eliminate toxins in your system.

Regular exercise is also useful to cut the levels of fat in your body and increase metabolism. THC levels are absorbed in the in the fat cells and training will assist in eliminating marijuana substance in your body. How to pass a drug test is a simple process but requires patience and time to achieve adequate results.

However, it is possible for a false positive result. In such circumstances ensure that you request for another test. If your plea is denied hire an attorney to ensure you get justice. A false positive will make you lose your job and get arrested. The article is meant to help marijuana users to pass a basic drug test and assist those who get false results make an appeal and reinstate their job or career.…

Steakhouses That Taste Great

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A lot of times, the negatives may outweigh the positives because of the great ways you can manipulate the environment. Priorities will always take up your mind-space and the questions you work on will give you a better opportunity for what you want. The best T-bone steaks are made in our restaurant because we take a lot of time to cook them up. We have seasoning that is great and made only by the best. The secret recipes that we hold have been around for centuries.…